Monday, October 18, 2010

DIY - Bulls Eye Tank

Way too busy this weekend, let me tell ya. I have been dying for some long tunics to wear over my skinny jeans/pants. I broke down and bought a pattern for a very simple tank tunic because I was getting frustrated trying to contour my own. I again found this great cotton in the clearance section. I was hoping for some stretch but it doesn't budge. It still fits but is a little snug at the hips. I found this tutorial the other afternoon and have been itching to cut something up and try it! I had just enough scraps left over to create the 2" wide strips that create the bulls eye swirl. I ended the bulls eye with a big silver nail head stud. The swirl had A LOT of movement and I'm sure everyone will stare when I walk by ;) I hope you can see it in the photos, I realized the print may be hard to focus on but I swear it looks great in person!


DIY - Weekend Frock

I finally did a "Frock by Friday" with Grosgrain. Nevermind that I didn't start it until Thursday or finish it until Saturday...I wore it to work today. I love it and I want to make like 30 more. This is a great dress that is so comfy to wear - with my new leggings! Here's the pattern - only a couple $ and I know I will use it again. I altered the bodice yoke because I don't like necklines at my actual neck :P I also shortened it by a good 4 or 5 inches since I knew I was going to be wearing it with leggings. I created a detachable pin with some scraps - actually I made this first because I wasn't quite ready to clean up after cutting out the pattern pieces.


DIY - Blue Suede Skirt

I wanted a new mini to go with the way too many pairs of leggings I just bought. Now that I've spent all my money on leggings I had to check out the clearance rack at the fabric store. I grabbed a yard of this great navy blue suede, cut a nice rectangle out (hips + 10" by 16"). I created a short paper bag waistband with some 1" wide elastic. This seemed pretty boring to me so I added some fun, random horizontal lines near the hem in a few different color threads. Still too boring so I added some puffy patch pockets to the front. I figured this was just enough texture to create a super fun mini skirt.