Monday, August 30, 2010

DIY - Productive Weekend

Here's a few other things I made this weekend. Boyfriend was out of town so I had way too much free time!

A tunic with a knit yoke at bodice -

A tunic with an elastic waist for a blousy look -

And a necklace scarf out of loosely knit sweater material and wooden beads. Can't wait for Fall! -

DIY - High Waisted Skirt

So here is how I did this little number. Wish I had a pic of me wearing it because it looks funny on the mannequin with no shirt/discernible waist...SO super quick here's how:

Waist measurement = 35"
I wanted to double the gathering so it was nice and full
Cut 2 bid squares 35in x 18" (length of skirt)
Cut 2 small rectangles 35in x 9in (waistband height x2)

I made a mini (18" skirt length) but you can do down the knees (about 20-22")

sew waistband pieces together at short ends to form big circle. Fold in half so it is 4.5" tall, press. Mark center and sew an elastic casing all the way around circle 1/4" wider than elastic. Press seams.
Sew skirt pieces together at side seams. Press seams.
Sew skirt to waistband. Press seam down.
Use seam ripper to open one waistband side seam inside elastic casing. Insert elastic (same measurement as waist) and sew ends together.
Hem at desired length. A wider hem will help weigh down the full skirt (I did a 2" hem).


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sharing - 2 things in 1 night?!

No I just forgot to post the first one a few nights ago. So I wanted to go in a different direction since I was blanking on cuff designs. I LOVE this red necklace. It reminds me of wings and scales on a fish at the same time. Poof - Flying fish necklace - HAHA. The problem is it photographs beautifully but if you breathe while wearing it the falls into a bundle of fabric and chain so I need to plan it out a little better next time. I always have better luck the 2nd time around anyways. My next project was a summer scarf/necklace deal that I kinda brainstormed in work today. I'm going to wear it tomorrow to try it out. Hope I don't get too hot but my new office is FREEZING! It has the surface design on it that I am pretty much obsessed with and will never stop doing to everything I make ever HAHA. Makes it a little rougher looking for a shabby-chic feel - I hope...


Monday, August 23, 2010

Store Update - Happy Listing Day!

So yesterday morning I couldn't sleep in thanks to my beautiful puppy who needs to bark at every damn shadow. So I spent the morning photographing and finally listing all the fun stuff I've made in the past month plus some old items that expired. FOUR hours later and I have 51 awesome items up on my Etsy Store! 1 hour later I sold my first bracelet! My favorite bracelet! sad and happy about that lol. Anyways here's my mini version of the store, check it out:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DIY - My Ikea Purse

This one needs a proper name but I've been calling it my ikea purse because that's where I got the fabric. Let me know what you think! Next time I will use thicker interfacing so it stands up better. still love it tho!


Monday, August 9, 2010

DIY - New Dress and Wally!

So I was up all night - all the way to 11pm! sewing this dress. Even tho it came out a little more baby-dollish that I would have liked, I love the fabric! I've been hoarding this fabric for over two years now. the sleeve cuffs are the lining from the old navy dress I cut up last month. the band at the bottom of the skirt is one of my favorite prints that I've also made into a skirt previously. Recycle! Also this is Wally my baby!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

DIY - Ikea Mega Table!

So I shouldn't be allowed in Ikea more than twice a year...I went yesterday looking for just a little table with wheel for which to do my blogging on and maybe to photograph some thingies on. All the cute little tables were way out of my budget! So they always have these little end tables (LACK) for $7.99 each. Hell yeah! They're pretty short since they're end tables so I decided to stack two of them to create one MEGA TABLE! Boyfriend helped me in the drilling and attaching and wheeling of the awesome table and even admitted that it was a great idea and that I, also, am awesome. Also the table's already cluttered in craft crap. Good job Jessi.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

DIY - Fabric Beaded Jewelry

Part two of my jewelry project is these awesome fabric covered beaded necklaces and bracelets. I'm obsessed I know. I spray painted a wooden sign I have never found a use for and now it's my super awesome necklace display. Now do I paint my hand pink to match? Or a different color to clash? I have 2 weeks to decide! Can I do it?! Also by popular demand from a majority (100% actually) of my followers... my project board...can you even read it? That's not even half of what should be on there thanks to some new blogs I found today :) Also I promise I'm taking down the black velvet backdrop asap. It's the only piece of fabric I had big enough to cover the door! And somehow my tripod was crooked, what the hell!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sharing - Been a While

So a week later and a paycheck down the drain I've begun the Bracelet Project. I've made a dozen fabric cuff bracelets and added studs, jewels, ribbons and beads to most of them. Here's a thousand pictures:

I also found 2 great new blogs - Pretty Ditty and Grosgrain Fabulous. They have helped me out and given me tons of new ideas that I've added to my idea board. Kelsey will yell at me later for how much I've been adding to the idea board...I'll add a pic of that later :P

Check out pretty ditty's fabric beaded necklace tutorial. I was really looking for a fabric rose tute and ended up trying these, cuz what the hell they looked easy. And they are!!! More on those later!

I bought a hand yesterday...Yeah it's weird. I bought a mannequin hand+wrist from hong kong. The fancy ones were $20 but I have already invested way too much money on something that I'm not sure if even going to sell, so I searched and found this guyfor $5.95 and free s/h! But I probably won't get it for 2 weeks. Shipped today with no tracking number...we'll see. I was thinking on spray painting it since the flesh tone is too creepy. I, hot pink, navy blue, hunter green, orange yellow..what do you think?