Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DIY - Bracelet Obsession!

So once I get my head wrapped around an idea, there's nothing else I can really think about. Sunday I was surfing around etsy and came across these beautiful cuffs! I wish I could afford these, I'd wear them everywhere all the time forever and ever. by DelorisPetunia

Anyways, These got me on making my own cuffs...fabric-style! This is the one that started it all Sunday night...

Check out the pieces of my new project:

I have a LONG shopping list for Friday, so you're welcome Joann's :P

Saturday, July 24, 2010

DIY - Fabric Pocket Pattern Holder

The title kind of says it all. I was looking for a better way to organize all my patterns so that I could actually see them instead of having them piled into two boxes on the top of a shelf. After searching the internet during breaks at work for an affordable pattern rack (like they have at walmart or joanns) I came across this at Lillybella Boutique!

I set to sketching my own dimensions and waited patiently for a payday...
I also discovered a new fabric store in south Tampa. That Fabric Place isn't really new but I've never seen it before. So on this beautiful payday I took a trip there during lunch and oh my god home dec heaven! The fabrics are on giant rolls on shelves, not on tiny bolts shoved into stacks where you can't see what they really look like. The prices ranged from $7-$20/yard. I will definitely be going back there when I convince boyfriend that we need to re-cover our couch :P

So anyway, here is what I made today - and yes it took me alllllll day. I had to get almost 5 yards of fabric and have Lowes cut me a board of plywood - I also learned the standard width of plywood is 48" for future references. I pleated the board every 10 inches to form a 5 inch deep pocket. Here's a little drawing. I started with 4 3/4 yards fabric and the ending length was 55 inches.

Here's the finished project! I love it so much I can't stop going into my studio and staring at it! Boyfriend helped me screw it to the wall and it truly looks like art! I love it and the fabric and that I have more room for new patterns!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DIY - Recycled Scrap Tank Top

So I recycled some extra fabric I have left over from a blouse I made my mom last year. It's a cute sheer white with blue pinstripes. I had to double layer it so it wasn't see thru but now I kind of wish I had left is with one layer. I also wanted to use the great printed fabric left over from my old navy sundress.

I think this is a cute practice piece but I think this will only work with a light weight knit...Maybe I'll keep tweaking it till I like it haha.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

DIY - 1st New Project - Sun Dress

So I searched for a very long time for a maxi dress that I didn't hate and finally found this one at Old Navy. Well it became clear minutes after wearing it that it was pretty impossible to walk in, let up climb into my Blazer without picking it up like some princess who can't let her dress touch the floor. So I haven't worn it since. Today I decided to break in the studio and chop this dress up! Here's the before:

So I cut 12" off of the skirt and tore off the flounce at the bottom (my fave part) and got to hemming. Thank jesus for my serger machine.

I made quick work of serging the hem of the dress and the lining then pinned the flounce back to the dress. This was frustrating because I just had to eyeball a straight line - who knows if it actually worked - because I didn't want to put any unnecessary marks on the fabric. Also every single hole from sewing or pinning stays with this fabric but hopefully I'm the only one close enough to see them.
Here's the finished product...along with a bid enough scrap to make a cute tank...more to come!

Brand New Studio!

We moved! I get my OWN sewing office that will not be referred to as "The Studio." YEY!
I included a few pics of the new space. The only decorating I've done so far is to hang my diploma that I literally just framed a week ago...bad Jessi. Everything else is stacked in the closet because I haven't quite picked a spot solely for photoshoots. I'm thinking back wall but then leaving that empty wastes a lot of space. So maybe a curtain that i can raise and lower over the closet doors...it's on the project list.
What do you think about the space?? I'm pretty happy with it so far if not just because of the floor-space to cut and pin haha.