Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sharing - China Hutch Book Case

So for 6 months we've had one box that has remains unpacked since our move. For 6 months it has sat in the garage. This box is packed full to the top with BOOKS. We have no bookcase. We have lots and lots of those short 3-shelf units from walmart but they are holding DVDs, printers, textbooks....everything but our huge collection of novels. Last night we spent the evening spring cleaning the garage and we once again pushed this box to the side as I shouted "If only we had a shelf!" Yes, it was that dramatic.

Tonight I don't know what came over me but I thought it would be adorable to have all our books stacked in our bare china hutch my grandmother gave to us. Not wanting it to look too old fashioned in our hip-living-in-sin-pad, I've been searching for ideas to update the hutch.

I stacked the books by genre or series and decorated the stacks with photos or candles or used glasses as bookends. I love it!

!!AND there's plenty of room for more!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sharing - But Jessi Where Have You Been?

Sneak Peak: (may or may not be in my PJs)

I have a big project coming up to update my store. Hopefully I'll have some pictures up tomorrow but right now I'm in a sewing frenzy!

Today I did a Tshirt re-fashion inspired by A Pretty Penny's Plain White Tee tutorial.

I didn't take a before photos but I got this tee at Joann's for $3.99. (stock photo form their website)

I HATE crew-necks and I HATE the long sleeves that are always on adult size tees. I didn't take photos of these steps either because I was rushing. Oops! So I cut the neckline to a low scoop and cut 2" off the bottom hem. I used the hem I cut off as the ribbing at the neckline. I also rolled up the sleeves and stitched them down in a permanent cuff.

Now the fun part!
I ripped painters tape in rough strips and taped down a few stripes at the shoulders and at the bust. I planned on wearing this with skirts so I wanted to put the stripes at the top, but I will definitely make another variation with blouse restyle.

I used a hot pink that is sadly closer to the shirt color than I had expected. But in the light (especially the sun) the color pops just enough to make me smile.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

DIY - Ribbon Pearl Necklace Tutorial

I did not make you a tutorial for these necklaces...instead I googled you one :P

These are so easy to make! Personally I don't wear pearls so I grabbed a few strands of glass seed beads at Joann's on sale and some really skinny ribbon and killed a couple hours while watching Top Chef reruns.

I did a practice one before buying anything with some large wood beads and black ribbon I had on hand. I love the chunky, earthy feel of this long necklace.

The other two are seed beads with some super thin grosgrain ribbon. The pink one is more loopy than the green as I was experimenting with spacing (definitely not because I wasn't paying attention the first few beads and then was too lazy to undo them). I wear them with everything and will definitely make a few more in other bead/ribbon conbos. OO maybe 2 different color ribbons...

PS - I would totally have made you a tutorial if I hadn't Stumbled across this evil site - Craft Gawker - It has literally hundreds of pages of crafts, tutorials, etsy listings and inspiration. I have wasted a good part of my Sunday evening paging through it. I will also blame this site for me not sewing the tunic or circle skirt I had planned for this weekend...Grrrr...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY - Tassel Jewelry Tutorial

I bought a bunch of tassels a few weeks ago at Hobby Lobby (Thank god there isn't one near my house...) with some ideas for accessories and tutorials. Here are some quick steps to tassel earrings and a tassel necklace.



1. Using the round nose pliers, ties a knot around them to create a very small loop. I tied 3 knots to make sure it didn't come undone while I was wearing them. Cut the ends as close to the knot as possible. You could also put a dot of clear nail polish or glue on the ends to make sure they don't fray.

2. Attach the earring to the tassel with a jump ring.

3. Done!

(click to enlarge)



1. Cut the tassel rope to about 4". You should probably tape the end before you cut or immediately dip end in glue and mine unraveled very quickly! Cut a 3" length of ribbon.

2. Glue the end of the rope to the top of the tassel. This will make wrapping the ribbon easier. Don't glue too high up the rope or you'll need a wider ribbon.

3. Glue the end of the ribbon to the rope and begin wrapping the ribbon tightly around to cover the glued end. Glue the last end of the ribbon down and smooth out. Don't burn your fingers!

4. Thread your chain or necklace through the rope loop. Because the loop is wide you can interchange necklaces!

5. Done!

(click to enlarge)