Sunday, May 1, 2011

DIY - Beaded Necklace Knockoff-Knockoff

Inspired by Flamingo Toes' Necklace Knockoff -

I wanted to give the multi-strand beaded necklace another try. I came across Flamingo Toes' version with a ribbon woven through a chain to add an extra texture to all the strands. I added 7 strands of varying green glass beads with the antique style chain and clipped on a vintage fish broach for extra charm.

I made this one extra long because I am really into the over-sized, stand-out jewelry out now. I want pieces that will dress up a plain T-shirt (that I wear pretty often to work) and also add some glam to my 'dressy' blouses.

I love the shades are green in the beads and how the fish broach doesn't match but still goes with the design. Matchy-matchy is not my style.

Love it.

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