Friday, October 11, 2013

Jewelry Season 2013

Hi again!
It's that time again - Fall means craft shows and market days for me and Jessalynne Jewelry! I just spent two days repackaging all my earrings for a cleaner display. Most of tonight was spent on the floor of my office sorting colors and stuffing baggies. What a crazy Friday! I tend to overdo things and I'm sure I've over-thought my table arrangement and earrings cards and how I'll stamp each paper shopping bag with a super cute 'J' but I really do love this process. Nothing is more fun to me than organizing, planning and re-arranging displays, spreadsheets, events, etc. Some might call it a problem, I just think it's a very extensive hobby. Or crazy, whatever.
I also splurged on a new camera (a wedding present to myself yey) so here are some quick shots while I'm still learning how this thing even works!
Also don't forget to visit me at the Tampa Downtown Market this Sunday from 10a-4p right across the street from Curtis Hixon Park! Most of these pieces will hopefully make it onto Etsy too - eventually.

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