Saturday, July 24, 2010

DIY - Fabric Pocket Pattern Holder

The title kind of says it all. I was looking for a better way to organize all my patterns so that I could actually see them instead of having them piled into two boxes on the top of a shelf. After searching the internet during breaks at work for an affordable pattern rack (like they have at walmart or joanns) I came across this at Lillybella Boutique!

I set to sketching my own dimensions and waited patiently for a payday...
I also discovered a new fabric store in south Tampa. That Fabric Place isn't really new but I've never seen it before. So on this beautiful payday I took a trip there during lunch and oh my god home dec heaven! The fabrics are on giant rolls on shelves, not on tiny bolts shoved into stacks where you can't see what they really look like. The prices ranged from $7-$20/yard. I will definitely be going back there when I convince boyfriend that we need to re-cover our couch :P

So anyway, here is what I made today - and yes it took me alllllll day. I had to get almost 5 yards of fabric and have Lowes cut me a board of plywood - I also learned the standard width of plywood is 48" for future references. I pleated the board every 10 inches to form a 5 inch deep pocket. Here's a little drawing. I started with 4 3/4 yards fabric and the ending length was 55 inches.

Here's the finished project! I love it so much I can't stop going into my studio and staring at it! Boyfriend helped me screw it to the wall and it truly looks like art! I love it and the fabric and that I have more room for new patterns!

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