Sunday, July 11, 2010

DIY - 1st New Project - Sun Dress

So I searched for a very long time for a maxi dress that I didn't hate and finally found this one at Old Navy. Well it became clear minutes after wearing it that it was pretty impossible to walk in, let up climb into my Blazer without picking it up like some princess who can't let her dress touch the floor. So I haven't worn it since. Today I decided to break in the studio and chop this dress up! Here's the before:

So I cut 12" off of the skirt and tore off the flounce at the bottom (my fave part) and got to hemming. Thank jesus for my serger machine.

I made quick work of serging the hem of the dress and the lining then pinned the flounce back to the dress. This was frustrating because I just had to eyeball a straight line - who knows if it actually worked - because I didn't want to put any unnecessary marks on the fabric. Also every single hole from sewing or pinning stays with this fabric but hopefully I'm the only one close enough to see them.
Here's the finished product...along with a bid enough scrap to make a cute tank...more to come!

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