Sunday, March 6, 2011

DIY - Ribbon Pearl Necklace Tutorial

I did not make you a tutorial for these necklaces...instead I googled you one :P

These are so easy to make! Personally I don't wear pearls so I grabbed a few strands of glass seed beads at Joann's on sale and some really skinny ribbon and killed a couple hours while watching Top Chef reruns.

I did a practice one before buying anything with some large wood beads and black ribbon I had on hand. I love the chunky, earthy feel of this long necklace.

The other two are seed beads with some super thin grosgrain ribbon. The pink one is more loopy than the green as I was experimenting with spacing (definitely not because I wasn't paying attention the first few beads and then was too lazy to undo them). I wear them with everything and will definitely make a few more in other bead/ribbon conbos. OO maybe 2 different color ribbons...

PS - I would totally have made you a tutorial if I hadn't Stumbled across this evil site - Craft Gawker - It has literally hundreds of pages of crafts, tutorials, etsy listings and inspiration. I have wasted a good part of my Sunday evening paging through it. I will also blame this site for me not sewing the tunic or circle skirt I had planned for this weekend...Grrrr...

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