Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sharing - But Jessi Where Have You Been?

Sneak Peak: (may or may not be in my PJs)

I have a big project coming up to update my store. Hopefully I'll have some pictures up tomorrow but right now I'm in a sewing frenzy!

Today I did a Tshirt re-fashion inspired by A Pretty Penny's Plain White Tee tutorial.

I didn't take a before photos but I got this tee at Joann's for $3.99. (stock photo form their website)

I HATE crew-necks and I HATE the long sleeves that are always on adult size tees. I didn't take photos of these steps either because I was rushing. Oops! So I cut the neckline to a low scoop and cut 2" off the bottom hem. I used the hem I cut off as the ribbing at the neckline. I also rolled up the sleeves and stitched them down in a permanent cuff.

Now the fun part!
I ripped painters tape in rough strips and taped down a few stripes at the shoulders and at the bust. I planned on wearing this with skirts so I wanted to put the stripes at the top, but I will definitely make another variation with blouse restyle.

I used a hot pink that is sadly closer to the shirt color than I had expected. But in the light (especially the sun) the color pops just enough to make me smile.

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