Monday, February 21, 2011

DIY - Sweetheart hair Clip Tutorial Review

Tonight I wanted a quick project that I could wear right away. I love the look of Tea Rose Home's sweetheart hair clip with wool. It's crafty and vintage but right now at the same time. Here's my review:

Tutorial – Sweetheart Hair Clip with Wool by Tea Rose Home

Ease – 5/5

Difficulties – There aren't any measurements on the tutorial so I just eyeballed how big of a hair clip I wanted to wear, then cut 2 smaller sizes. The instructions offer a lot of freedom, which is good for me, but if you need direction, may be problematic.

Alterations - I didn't want a heart shape since Valentine's Day has passed so I did 2 versions - a rounded diamond shape and a circle. I didn't divert from the tutorial in terms of decorating the shapes because I really liked the pearls and beads.

Make it again? – Definitely, I need more colors! This is a great stash-buster. I used scraps of felt, pieces of a sweater and scraps from old curtains. I need a blue one, a green one, maybe a black and white one...oh the photos you're going to have to look at later....!

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