Sunday, February 6, 2011

DIY - Girlfriend Wrap Tutorial Review

Today I had a free moment and decided to try out this Girlfriend Wrap Tutorial I came across a few days ago at The Longest Year. This would be perfect for sitting at my desk in the coldest part of the office all day long. To keep it from being so plain (it's just a big rectangle with a slice in it) I picked out a large plaid print and since it's blanket fleece it's incredibly cuddly. This can be found in my previous photos of all the crap I bought last weekend.

Check out the review:

Tutorial – Circle Beaded Necklace Tutorial by Martha Stewart

Ease – 5/5

Difficulties – This couldn't have been easier to make. It's a 36" x 48" piece of fleece with a 20" slice for your neck.

Alterations - I didn't change anything so much as add an embellishment. I stuck on 7 fabric flowers so it wouldn't look like i was wearing a blanket. One has already fallen off though so maybe I need to do something different. Maybe some swirly fabric flowers like I added to my mom's Christmas quilt...

Make it again? – Maybe. I think next time I would have to use a wider piece of fleece so more of my arms are covered. This mostly only keeps my back warm but I still like it. Also next time I would use a thinner fabric, like a jersey, so it would be more flowy and young.

*If I do any anything new to the wrap I'll definitely post some new photos.

This weekend I also learned to watercolor...

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