Monday, November 7, 2011

Knock off Criss Cross Bag

I fell in love with this bag on etsy a couple months ago but I was not going to shell out over $70 for it. I'm way too cheap to pay more than $30 for a bag. I loved the leather details on the very interesting straps of the bag. I studied it and sketched the pieces that I thought would work. After a lot of planning and graph paper I was pretty sure I had it down.

 I can't show you how I made it (unethical and whatnot) but I can show you my version. I wasn't confident in sewing leather with my machine so I chose a home dec fabric as the main bag and a canvas for the details. I also used this zipper tutorial for installing zippers to lined bags. I used this for the top of the bag and for the back pocket.

I was able to put this together in one night once I had all the pieces cut out. I am hoping to make another version in a print. A shoulder strap is kind of necessary since I don't like to carry handbags.  There are already made leather straps on etsy that I might check out next time.  

What do you think about the tassel that I added to the zipper? I think it makes the bag pop!

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