Friday, November 4, 2011

A little bit of an obsession with...Tassels!

Ask any of my friends (Kelsey) and they'll tell you I have quite an obsessive personality. Once I get fixated on something it definitely sticks. Lately I've been adding tassels, small and large, to everything. I've made interchangeable necklaces so I can match whatever color I'm wearing and teeny chandelier earrings. I just wanted to share with you a few of my favorite ways to incorporate tassels into your life.

Tassel Drop Earrings from Polyvore
 Digby & Iona Tassel Necklace from Madewell

 Tassel top gift box idea from Martha Stewart Weddings
 DIY Tassel Garland tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion
 My newest bag decorated with a shiny new gold tassel

Really each of these could be a great DIY project. Adding tassels to things is so simple and inexpensive. Hobby Lobby sells packs of small tassels and large tassels like the gold one above. Or you can try hand making them from embroidery thread or leather scraps. Martha Stewart has a great tutorial for making your own! Let's see how many you can add to your Fall wardrobe!

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