Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shopping - Affordable Scarves

Now that it's finally cooled down (at least in FL) it's time for me to break out my scarf collection! And trust me, I've got an excessive amount of scarves. I only get to wear them for like a month here so I relish in the short time we have together.

Here's a colorful collection of affordable scarves for the cold season...

Blue & Black Striped Lightweight Circle Scarf $9.99

The blue is so vibrant and the stripes break up the color perfectly. It's not an overwhelming print but would spice up any outfit of neutrals.  I also really love the way this one is wrapped.  I'm going to have to copy it tomorrow!

Steve Madden Open Weave Infinity $36.00

An open weave scarf is perfect for a harsh winter. I'd try to sneak it into my Floridian "winter" but I'm not sure how long I can last in it.  The greens and teals would make my hair pop and I've been a little obsessed with these colors this season - mostly in my eye make up and jewely.

fuschia cashmere tubular scarf $107.10

(OK not that cheap but soooo pretty) The fuchsia is is bright and the fabric is soft. What else can you really ask for in an accessory?

Alexander Del Rossa Blue Plaid Scarf $13.97

 I think a plaid scarf should be a staple in every woman's fall wardrobe. For people who are too scared to commit to a print, this pattern is very familiar and nonthreatening. For people who love prints but not bright colors, the black and white is the perfect compromise. 

 There are tons of affordable scarves and wraps out there. Scarves make a perfect gift for the upcoming holidays because they are one size fits all and, let's be honest, everyone loves scarves!  For an even cheaper alternative you can simply purchase a yard of fabric and voila - scarf! Fray the edges or add ribbon as trim to personalize it.  Stay tuned for some great DIY posts.




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