Thursday, October 22, 2009


So I finally broke down and started on this god awful cardinal/priest costume for my friend. This is an awful pic but I wanted to show off the pretty pleats in the back. I DID NOT capture them in this shot but they look great in person haha. This is a huge hot red mess right now. I'm worried about it fitting around him and I already know it's wayyyy too long. I'll figure it out tho. yeah.

I'm watching project runway and I've realized that I definitely never ever in a million zillion years could go on this show. There are just days when I just really don't want to be productive. I can definitely force productivity but it's not pretty trust me. Plus I can't work with people watching me so I would probably just sit there waiting for the cameraman to turn around, sew for a few seconds, wait, sew, and never ever finish haha! yeah I'm lame whatever.

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