Thursday, October 22, 2009

Red Red Mannequin

Yeah I have a bright red mannequin. so what? OK I hate it. It's horrible for photographing my garments. I wish I had some model friends down here. Maybe I'll just recruit some girls from work next week.

So this has been my first week at my real job and I have had absolutely no time to myself. I want to sew but I am just way too wiped by the time I get home from the office. This weekend is going to suck cuz I'll just be glued to my machine and never see my boyfriend...where is he anyways?

Let's see...what photos can I show you today? I really want to take some pics of my office so you can see the chaos that is my life but I look like crap every night so that hasn't happened yet.

Here's some inspiration for you:

Love those colors :)

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