Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh Jesus I need to get off the couch

I went to work, sat thru 8 hours of training, had my debit card declined and someone had to pay for my lunch, went to the gym, drove bf to work and I CANNOT get off this couch to make this huge red costume!!! HELP!!!
Instead I'm just watching office reruns. sad.

Soooo what's new...I'm planning lots of new accessories for the store! Look out for cute little fleece and felt flower headbands and hair clips. You can also expect me to spend way more time than necessary making some really neat scarves. And while we're on the flowers, check out these fabric necklaces upcycled from strips of cotton. I wear this red one as a cuff bracelet every time we go out.

Unfortunately payday isn't for another week so creativity may come to a halt, other than the halloween costumes I've got lined up :) photos coming soon!

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