Monday, October 19, 2009

Insert sewing pun here


I'm Jessi, owner and designer for JessaLynnE Designs. I have a store on, a home office and lots of magnets and stickers on my car advertising the fact that I can sew and alter clothing! I just wanted one more venue to reach you wonderful people who spend their days crawling the internet for neat new stuff :)

So over the past month I've probably posted 30 items to my store. It's a very exciting feeling every time I add one more new item. It's not till the next day that I'm checking my page views for each item that I realize the recession is greatly affecting the artsy world just as badly as other retailers. I'm not going to lie, this is really getting to my creative spirit. I sell one thing and use that small amount of money to buy even more fabric or materials instead of paying bills because, one, I have a serious shopping problem, but also because I don't want to stop hoping that someone will want to wear my designs!

As of late I have been having a lot of trouble coming up with anything interesting. It's frustrating when you WANT to be creative but nothing comes to you. I learned at an Arts of Fashion Master Class to try things differently whether you think it will work or now. I've added small details to sweaters and purses to add that little bit of interest that I feel I've may have lost for a while.

I've really gotten into making great big bags too and am working on a great line of fall/winter home dec inspired fabrics. I've always loved bags with straight, sturdy lines that silently incorporate curves. I feel like they are super-chic and the most useful. Business women can feel cute and still look business-y! Bohemian women can be trendy and sophisticated! All they have to do is throw one of these great Stacy bags on their shoulders and BAM! Awesome! :P

Anywho, thanks for checking me out. I have a couple of halloween costumes to bang out tonight. More on those in tomorrow's blog!

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