Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sharing - 2 things in 1 night?!

No I just forgot to post the first one a few nights ago. So I wanted to go in a different direction since I was blanking on cuff designs. I LOVE this red necklace. It reminds me of wings and scales on a fish at the same time. Poof - Flying fish necklace - HAHA. The problem is it photographs beautifully but if you breathe while wearing it the falls into a bundle of fabric and chain so I need to plan it out a little better next time. I always have better luck the 2nd time around anyways. My next project was a summer scarf/necklace deal that I kinda brainstormed in work today. I'm going to wear it tomorrow to try it out. Hope I don't get too hot but my new office is FREEZING! It has the surface design on it that I am pretty much obsessed with and will never stop doing to everything I make ever HAHA. Makes it a little rougher looking for a shabby-chic feel - I hope...


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