Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sharing - Been a While

So a week later and a paycheck down the drain I've begun the Bracelet Project. I've made a dozen fabric cuff bracelets and added studs, jewels, ribbons and beads to most of them. Here's a thousand pictures:

I also found 2 great new blogs - Pretty Ditty and Grosgrain Fabulous. They have helped me out and given me tons of new ideas that I've added to my idea board. Kelsey will yell at me later for how much I've been adding to the idea board...I'll add a pic of that later :P

Check out pretty ditty's fabric beaded necklace tutorial. I was really looking for a fabric rose tute and ended up trying these, cuz what the hell they looked easy. And they are!!! More on those later!

I bought a hand yesterday...Yeah it's weird. I bought a mannequin hand+wrist from hong kong. The fancy ones were $20 but I have already invested way too much money on something that I'm not sure if even going to sell, so I searched and found this guyfor $5.95 and free s/h! But I probably won't get it for 2 weeks. Shipped today with no tracking number...we'll see. I was thinking on spray painting it since the flesh tone is too creepy. I, hot pink, navy blue, hunter green, orange yellow..what do you think?

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