Sunday, April 17, 2011

DIY - Tunic pattern that I lost

First of all - This entire project was a STASHBUSTER! I used scraps and remnants only :D

I'd love to give you a DIY review on this pattern but I found it on some obscure spanish pattern site similar to Burda Style after a tedious search through message boards. Who knew a simple "free tunic pattern" would be so impossible to find!!?? Anyways there were no instructions (which would have been in spanish anyway) or seam allowances, so it was pretty much like starting from nothing. I measured around my bust and waist and added inches in just these areas to grade the pattern to my size. I also made it 2" longer.

The fabric I had in mind was cut at 1/4 yard so I couldn't cut the front out on the fold and there is a pretty awesome center front seam going on. The front fabric is sheer and I hate layering in the summer so I just added another layer of black knit under the front. I made this an inch shorter than the top fabric so it flowed perfectly in the summer breeze. The blue knit fabric in the back was also too small of a piece and you can see where I seamed it together at the shoulders, but I think it adds interest and I really like the top stitching. You can see the pattern alterations and my super chic french seam below.

I needed to cover up this seam that skewed the print asap. You know I'm obsessed with ruffles but I figured there was enough going on with this little tank and giant ruffles would just be over-kill. I took some leftover blue ribbon from my quilt project and randomly pleated it. This was stitched down the center front, perfectly straight of course, to cover the seam. I think it ties everything together nicely and gives me the pop of color I'm always craving.

Check out how I wore it before rushing out to go bowling...
(PS for some reason I design all my tops to go with skinny jeans even though I only own 1 pair of them)

Belted and all chic-like:

Flowy and casual...look how casual I can stand!

In the end I will definitely be making this one again. I already have other fabric lined up...maybe some like linen...and maybe a button placket down the front for a blousier look for work. Excited!

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