Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sharing - Unfinished Projects

(modeling with Wally)

I can't believe how much of a slacker I've been with blogging lately. I made a calendar up to keep me on track and I guess I just can't police myself. Maybe I should open up a position for an assistant to make sure I get these things done in a timely fashion. Please copy/paste resumes to the comments section...Maybe don't post your home phone number though...

So I have about 3 ongoing projects right now. Project 1 is kind of a big deal. I am designing a line of spring/summer vests. These are cropped and flyaway style and very comfy. Here is the first finished one!

This is called the Lizard can see the awesomely scaley ruffle down the spine. Love it. There are about 6 other designs and about 10 other fabrics. Here's a few unfinished:

Project number 2 is a line of tribal printed, ruffly tote bags. I just did a prototype of this one and I need to re-work the size. Pictures to come!

Project number 3 is a lightweight summer scarf. Here I am wearing the first version.

(Wally's in this one too, isn't he adorable?)

I'm doing a great job STASHBUSTING by making these cute scarves with all the end scraps. So that's good news....These will all be on sale in my Esty Store if I ver get them finished!

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