Saturday, April 9, 2011

DIY - Maxi Dress

My camera didn't save any of my before and during photos :(

I started out with the New Look pattern 6774. I have made this dress on two other occasions, both with knit fabric, and I LOVE it. This time around I couldn't find any knit fabrics with a print and I really wanted a springy, pink print. I grabbed some 'silky print' from Joann's on sale this week even though it is not AT ALL my style. It has the colors I wanted and is light and doesn't wrinkle.

SO.....3 hours of meticulous sewing later....I realized the other two dresses only fit me because they were knit (even though I always thought they were kind of too large. Long story short, I decided to go through my bag of "Restyle Me" clothes and grabbed a tshirt that I chucked a few weeks ago. I ripped the bodice off of the shirt and attached it to the waist of the tshirt. I think the end design is pretty flattering and fun. I think I'll finish it off with a 3" elastic band at the waist to hold it up better. The tshirt seems a little too flimsy. Maybe I'll get to the store this weekend...

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