Monday, September 12, 2011

DIY - Luv Aj Jewelry Tutorial

Honestly...WTF posted this great tutorial by Amanda Thomas of Luv Aj Jewelry. I pinned this pretty much immediately and have been fixated on it ever since. I bought several kinds of chain this weekend but settled on something thin but strong for my bracelet. While Amanda made one that was more bad ass, I wanted to make one that was light and delicate but with lots of layers.

I made the bracelet part our of 3 chains, the handpiece from 4 chains and decorated the ring with an explosion of Swarvorski crystals.  Every time I move the chains sway a different way and it's very shiny and eye catching. I'm in love!

I thought that I wouldn't even make it halfway to work before I had to yank this off my wrist but driving with it was fine and typing with it is nothing. It is defintely a little awkward to walk with my hands down - I have been keeping my hand sideways so the ring doesn't slip off. I think if I have used a thicker chain for the bracelet and made it a little tighter around my wrist this wouldn't be an issue. I love how it fits though and this isn't a big enough deal for me to stop wearing it. I will hopefully make a few more variations, including some fancy colorful beads and some varying chains.   :)

Here's a cheat sheet on the pieces of the bracelet:

My chain was pretty tiny so I added 4mm jump rings to the ends of everything and attached the pieces together with larger 6mm rnigs. I added clear glass beads to each large jump ring, you know, for a little something extra. Last thing I added was the cluster of crystals and glass beads on the ring using head pins. The only challenging part was figuring out where to connect the hand chain to the bracelet chain since I had to add teeny jump rings there too. Other than that, this project took only a few minutes to complete! So in love!

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  1. Hi Jessi!

    I just wanted to stop in and wish you a belated Happy Birthday! I just started cleaning my craft room and found my stack of birthday cards and realized I found them too late :( I shall have you on the card list for next year - pinky swear!