Thursday, September 1, 2011

DIY - September Top DIY Pins

I'm sure you're all already aware that September is the best, most fun, and awesomest month of the year, but in case you dont remember why: 4 day weekend, boyfriends birthday, my birthday, birthday vacation, our 6 year anniversary, and therefore lots of parties and presents! I know - Whoa that's a lot of super amazing stuff packed into one month. To celebrate I picked a few quick DIY's for the month (mainly because all my weekends are GONE).  These projects have few steps and provide me with the instant gratification that I crave. Happy September!

1. Leather Bow Cuff by Oh The Lovely Things

2. Cute little zipper pouch to match my envelope bag by Noodlehead

3. Feather Earrings as sold at Francesca's Collections

4. Ruffled Belt by Days Like this

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