Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept DIY - Bow Cuff Bracelet

Project #1 from my September Top Pin list is this super cute Bow Cuff Bracelet.This was a great first project because it came together in minutes and once I was able to find the correct fit of the first one, I cranked out 3 more! You can see the tutorial on Oh The Lovely Things and start making your own in every color! The tutorial has great photos and is very easy to follow.


The tutorial uses leather for her bracelet but I was fresh out! For my practice one I used some felt to get the idea of how round I wanted the corners and how long and wide I really needed it to be. I started out making the bracelet 4" wide, trimmed it down to 3", but in the end I preferred it 2" wide for a more delicate bow. I used a light blue/grey suede since the edges don't fray but I also think it would be really nice in any fabric, you'd just have to sew a front and back inside out and turn it to hide raw edges. Might try that next!

I also couldn't help myself and decided to embellish 2 of my suede ones with some glue on stones.
Here's an artsy shot of my favorite one:

 I am definitely adding this project to my list of Handmade Christmas Gifts!

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