Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shopping - Labor Day Sales

I really took advantage of a lot of BOGO and 50% off sales this weekend at Joann's, Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart. Thank god I didn't make it over to Michael's or I'd really be in trouble. Not pictured above is what I got at Wal-Mart: 5 yards of light sweater knit for $3 (!!!) and a giant bag of poly-fil stuffing for $6. I already refilled my dog's bed to the point of bursting :) I didn't have room to throw the bolt of fabric up on the table for pictures but don't worry, projects coming soon!

I blame this on my mom and grandmom because they kept handing me birthday money while I was already in the store. How do you fight that??

The black and brown knits will be tops soon. The red home dec with be the lining of my up-coming Fall bag. The striped cotton will be a scarf (get ready for a HUGE scarf project taking over the entire month of October).  All the chains are planned for different necklaces, bracelets and earrings, which also covers where the tassels, feathers, crimps and clasps will be. So excited for all my projects!!

These might take me a while since I already have a bunch of work planned and no weekends to do any of it!

Who else has a HUGE list of projects?

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