Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY - Day of the Dead Shirt

I fell in love with Glitter 'N Glue's FaBOOlous Skeleton Sweatshirt instantly.  I ran out and bought Tulip's glitter spray paint for fabric.  The paint dries very sparkly but when spray painting is very splattery and gloopy (technical terms). I made the mistake of rushing and not covering the entire shirt and getting glitter globs all over it. This isn't really my style but I'll live with it because I love the Sugar Skull design so much. I also want to mention that I did this all in the middle of the night and suffered about a million mosquito bites - all in the name of blogging!

I loved the ribcage that Kristen used but I could not size it correctly for my shirt. I also knew I'd only be able to wear it on Halloween. I figured Sugar Skulls are always in season, right? Here is the mask I used as my template. You can see below the parts that I actually cut out (by hand!)

 This is where a smart/patient person might cover the entire shirt with paper to avoid spray paint mishaps.


I filled in the rest of the sugar skull by finger painting. This was the best part. I am so in love with it!

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