Thursday, October 13, 2011

DIY - Sewn Fall Wardrobe

I'm Back!

I wanted to give myself a couple challenges as a blogger to kick-start my lazy butt. Fall has started everywhere else, but in Florida it's still in the high 80's, and, well that's just not fair! I want to wear all my cute riding boots and scarves and sweaters now! So while I still have some time left before the weather changes I've made a list of the pieces that I want to add to my Fall Wardrobe. I'm going to shoot for one of each, possibly a few variations on the tops if I have enough fabric in my stash.

Dress - Butterick B5632

Tunic - McCall's M5388

 Dress - McCall's M5519

Skirt - McCall's M5591

 Tunic - New Look 6025

Pants - New Look 6033

Sweater - Vogue V1261

Each of these is pretty much a one night project (minus the cutting our the pattern and fabric part). I generally cut all my patterns out in the same night so they are ready when the sewing mood strikes me.

So how about a dealine...How about 1 a week min, since I might have to go shopping for some of the fabric and don't want to get it all at once. That should get my butt off the couch!
Ready. Set. Go!

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