Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY - Tshirt to Scarf

I made this tank from Tshirt knit a few weeks ago but the darts pulled in a funny way at the neckline so I never wore it. During a recent purging I came across it again and remembered why I had purchased the fabric in the first place. It is very light, soft and vibrant and I couldn't throw it out.  I immediately set to Pinterest for some good stashbusting ideas! A scarf seemed the easiest and quickest route to a Refashion and PS I Made This had the perfect tutorial.

I wanted to spice up the fringe a little bit so I decided to dip-dye the edge of the scarf in bleach. Here's some photos of the process in my kitchen...

I soaked the bleach for probably 3 minutes to make sure it got around every fold then hung it from a cabinet for an hour or so.  The bleach soaked its way up and made the stripe a little wider than I planned but I love it. I rinsed the bleach off and laid it hanging over a table to dry overnight.  The bleached edge turned a nice silver color and looked great when the fringe was cut and stretched. Here are photos of it on my mannequin (also with my work in progress sweater). The 2nd photo actually creeps me out for some reason.

I have a few more Tshirts I'm prepares to slice up for this project. Have I mentioned that I have a severe addiction to scarves? You might be seeing a lot of them this Fall :)

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