Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall in Love - Ultramarine Green

 Crystal Earrings * Jessalynne * Teal Sweater * Trouve * Grey Skinny Pants * MOTO * Grey Handbag * Hashibags * Black Ankle Boots * Anthropologie *

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall and it couldn't have come any sooner. It's been hotter than, well, hotter than it should be and it's lasted way too long in Tampa.  I'm so ready to wear giant, soft sweaters and tight pants tucked into boots! I know it will only get down to 65 here but I can pretend I'm in a beautiful countryside strolling to the morning market as leaves blow apart the sidewalks.  It might be too warm for me to wear all the comfy clothes of Fall but I can still dress in all the lovely colors from Pantone's Color Report and I can still fill up my Pinterest wardrobe with pretend awesomeness.

This look is one of my favorites for cool weather. Anytime I get to wear over sized sweaters and skinny pants is the best time!  I tend to accent bright colors like teal with grey. that way the look appears chic and subdued, not over designed and way too chipper.  The Stately Stacked crystal earrings in blue and grey really influenced the color palette for this outfit and I love the little bit of sparkly they bring to it.
Check back for more fantastically fall themed outfits!

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