Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall in Love - Rose Smoke

Crystal Earrings * Jessalynne * Pink Cardigan * ROMWE * Green Tunic * Copious * Wine Leggings * Fadhila * Green Watch * The Royal Lifestyle * Brown Bow Boots * GOjane *

Pink and green compliment each other beautifully and if the hues are just right this isn't just a perfect Spring outfit. The deep wine leggings and riding boots carry this right into look right into Fall and the lightweight cardigan is perfect for the Florida climate.  I love the Ombre crystal earrings and the sparkle that they add to every outfit. I love super flowy tops and cardigans with leggings and boots for comfort and chicness.  The little bow detail on the boot really add to the girliness of this pink look. I don't normally wear pink but the wine color of the leggings is one of my favorites for my clothes and my hair dye. 

Do you wear pink or is that too girly for you?

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