Monday, September 17, 2012

If I Do Say So

Crystal Earrings * Jessalynne * Wool Clutch *Seaecho *
I can't deny that I'm partial to the colors garnet and gold, but add a little pop of rose in there and I may or may not be squealing in delight.  These stacked earrings are pretty short but the Swarovski crystals are so brilliant that you can see them from a mile away.  Instinct, and discomfort in bright colors, makes me pair these gems with a darker accessory. The clutch has some great texture (It's made of wool!) and a lovely pattern so it still stands out even though its colors are (safely) neutrals. And the mustard tassel is like a wink to my adventurous side since she doesn't get to come out too often. This is a great pairing for Fall that can easily carry into winter. What's even better is the alternative colors that the stacked earrings come in to match every outfit!
Do you have season-specific jewelry?

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