Thursday, January 20, 2011

DIY - Bow Necklace Tutorial

Recommended fabric: I used a light weight cotton/poly blend as well as sheer chiffon. You can probably use just about any fabric, but you may have to alter the measurements to eliminate bulk in the center of the bow. If you are using a heavier fabric start with a rectangle (3” tall) instead of a square (5x5”).

Scrap of fabric, necklace or chain, clasp, any beads or trims

Tools: Sewing machine, scissors, jewelry crimpers, hot glue gun

Time: ~20 min depending on trim

1. Cut 2 squares, 5x5”, and 1 strip 1.5x5”

2. Place squares on top of each other, both face up. Machines or hand baste and gather down the center. Gather as much as possible and tie the ends to secure.

3. Sew the strip into a tube, right sides together. Turn right side out and press flat.

4. Glue one end of the strip to the back of the bow. Wrap tightly around the front and glue to back. Trim off excess.

5. To attach to necklace, thread a needle and tie the thread to the necklace chain. Pass the blunt end of the needle under the bow’s strip in the back making sure you are above the glue dot. Pull the thread through and the chain with it. Secure the clasp at the ends of the chain.

6. To add decorative chains below bow, thread the chain to the needle as before. Pass the blunt end of the needle through the bow’s strip making sure you are below the glue dot this time. You can decorate this in any way. I added headpins strung with beads on one and glass beads on jump rings. This hurt my fingers and took forever but I love how they glisten. Have fun with it!

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