Monday, January 24, 2011

DIY - Beaded Circle Necklace Review

Sorry for the late post. Was not very productive in the way of sewing but made a lot of headway on my portfolio project. I also have to work on my restyle design for this week.

So tonight I tried out a Martha Stewart tutorial. I have to confess I am on her website all the time looking for new crafts in every category. Recently I bought a tool kit for wire jewelry. I have no idea how to use it. I foresee a lot of youtube videos in my future.

Look what I did -

Tutorial – Circle Beaded Necklace Tutorial by Martha Stewart

Ease – 4/5

Difficulties – I have no idea how to you my jewelry materials so this was a lot of trial and error for me. When the tutorial says to add a crimp, I have to improvise with what I have, which may or may not be a crimp. This isn't Martha Stewart's fault but maybe a little more direction would have been helpful. I was better off looking at the diagrams and counting the beads than reading the instructions.

Alterations - I tried to adapt what I learned to make my own version of a circle bib necklace. I ended up with a more 3D statement necklace that you can clearly see if my first jewelry project. I stuck with the original design in the wooden beaded version and I absolutely love it.

Make it again? – Yes. I'm going to learn how to do loops and all those pretty things with head pins and what not. When I made the larger wooden version I didn't have any crimps and just kind of tucked the wire behind the beads. It might not be neat but I love the look of giant wood bib. Next time I definitely want to use smaller, but still wooden beads. Check it out!

This one came out much better.

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