Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Portfolio - Sketches and Inspiration

Here are a few of my sketches close up so you can see them. I'm still not sure how I feel about the separates. I have 5 looks planned out, it's just a matter of designing and arranging them. No bid deal right?

1. heavy knit sweater + twill pants
2. heavy knit sweater + knit pants + bolero
3. heavy knit sweater + skirt + fly away vest
4. light knit blouse + twill pants + heavy knit sweater jacket
5. light knit blouse + knit pants + twill jacket

Check out the sketches :)

I wanted to share some inspiration too. I like to check out online storefronts to see if what I'm seeing in my head is sellable right this second. Which might not be how "real" designers think, seeing as how they plan seasons ahead. But being a free-agent I don't have to subscribe to that at the moment.

These are all from Express.com and most are on sale. I love love love their knits and dress pants.

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