Sunday, January 16, 2011

Portfolio - Sick but sketching

So I was sick in bed all day today and didn't get to do the tutorial review I planned on. I managed to sketch a few ideas for my portfolio project. I don't have a scanner at home so I am showing them off via photos. Hopefully I can add a few on Monday to round out the ideas.

Basically I'm using style line seams, pin tucks and pleats to imitate the lines in stained glass windows. The fabric will tie it all together I think. I like to think in separates and create looks as I go as opposed to creating a top and bottom together. This is how I shop and therefore this is how I design.

I'd hate to beg you not to judge the sketches yet but how can I when I just posted them on the web...?

I also did a quick 10 minute project for Project Restyle. I took a 100% silk scarf and turned it into a turban-style elastic headband. It's a little small and I think I'll try it again in a more textured fabric that won't slip off my head. Maybe look for a pattern/tutorial soon for that! Added to my to-do list.

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