Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project #2 - Portfolio

The other project I’m working on it creating an updated portfolio. A friend and I are doing a small collection per season, complete with mood board (already done!), rough sketches, flats and illustrations. Maybe I’ll even try to make one piece or look from each season, if I already have the fabric handy that is.

So we’re starting with fall and my favorite thing about fall is that I get to wear all my dearly loved sweaters and cardigans (yey!). I am obsessed with texture and print in clothes. I hate wearing all solids, it makes me feel 2D. What I’m thinking for these sweaters is using a thick knit fabric, almost ribbed, and create texture and structure in the garment. Knits are generally soft, draped and flowy. The direction is not necessarily fierce or sharp angles but to create a definite interest with a 3D design.

I also find myself focusing on one part of the body when designing. One year it was boat necks because I was infatuated with collarbones and delicate necks. Another time it was drop waists to accentuate full hips, god help me. This collection I think I want to focus on the back. Not showing it off so much as using it as a canvas. Hopefully I’ll have some sketches up soon to share! You can check out my mood board below.

I went over to anthropoogie.com to check out what they have going on in the ways of sweaters. I found a few interesting textures in the ways of cut-outs and appliqués. Check it out:

Eyes have it cardigan $128

Of the ages pullover $88

Delicate drafts cardigan $98

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