Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DIY - Advertising

To get this jewelry project off the ground I need to get my name out there. This is my step one in creating a brilliant ‘quit my job and work from home’ business! Ok this might be step 3 or 4 as I’ve already done the sourcing and prototypes, but shhhhhh.

I’ve contacted a lot of design blogs that I follow regularly and love dearly about placing an ad, or button, on their sidebars. I’ve also asked a couple about hosting giveaways for my products. Very exciting stuff! Long story (not really) short, I have been spending my lunch breaks and evenings creating buttons from photos I already have of my bracelets. It was too overcast yesterday to attempt new photos so I had to make due. I actually love how they came out.

Design*Sponge did some great research on what types of buttons worked well and went wrong on their website. You can find it here (there are a lot of email hoops to jump through before they finally send it to you).

Here are the top few pointers I came away with:

2. DO make sure your ad looks like it belongs on the website - You want your ad to feel seamless with the posts or images, like it is an extension of the site.

5. DO pay attention to font choice for your ad text - Follow the site’s lead with your font choice.

8. DON’T use the same ad on every site you advertise one (if you’re advertising on multiple sites at the same time) - Chances are your target audience reads more than one design website (if you’ve heard of all of these sites, there’s a good chance your customers have too).

I know when I go to any site, the first thing that catches my eye is anything animated. So….I’m going to attempt to make an animated button showing some different merchandise. I think this will help draw readers to my ad and then to purchase my awesomely beautiful jewelry. Here are a couple tutorials on using photoshop to make this happen:

the 2nd one is a video and was very helpful to watch through before I even started. If I can get this to work I will post it in my own sidebar for you all to see. Wish me luck!

PS more jewelry photos coming tonight too!

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