Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fixation - Ruffles, Dresses, Prints

These are my newest pins on my 'Style' board all found on Stylehive.com. I'm obsessing over ruffles on everything and prints are just necessary right now. I've been on a print fix for the past year or so where I have to be wearing at least one print in every outfit or I feel too plain. I think the ruffles are just an extension of that, as a 'texture' if that makes sense. I clicked through to find a couple casual dresses, fancy-shmancy dresses, and of course a wedding gown. You can check out my other pins here.

I <3 Pinterest so much right now. I really wasn't into it until I read a blog entry that I now of course can't find (should have pinned it) relating how the writer has had a hard time finding her personal style. To help her figure out where her tastes lie she started using pinterest to collect all the clothing, accessories and etc that caught her eye and realized that there was a pattern and that she already had a style, it was just hiding! So immediately I replied to the pinterest invite that had been sitting in my inbox for god knows how long and hopped over to anthropologie.com and have been hooked ever since. I now know that I am addicted to flowy, not too overly-hippy but pretty hippie, ethnic prints and tight pants. I installed the 'Pin it' button to my home and work computers (shhh) and whenever I find anything that catches my eye I can quickly save it and come back to it when I finally have time for a new project. So yes I <3 pinterest big time.

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