Saturday, June 4, 2011

Store Update - New Jewelry Collection

So I'm taking a break from sewing and going towards the more "instant-gratification" side of fashion - ACCESSORIES! Below are photos from Jessalynne's new jewelry collection titled Stained Glass. Yes this is semi-connected to my latest portfolio collection with the same name, in that it includes mostly jewel-tones. However, these pieces are for a variety of seasons and can be worn in a formal or casual setting. The czech glass beads and the silver chains are lightweight and the contrast of the materials is sure to catch everyone's eye.

In an effort to support this collection, a Kickstarter account has been set up. Please check out the page to see what it's all about. Basically, funds need to be raised in order to support the success of this collection. Only 9 pieces have been created but Jessalynne is very ambitious and hopes to expand the inventory immensely. I truly believe that these pieces will sell, sell, sell but first they need to be made and brought to the light of the public (i.e. online shoppers)! Kickstarter is a great program that allows people like me to post about specific projects and ask for contributions from every caring person with an internet connection.

So please check out the below photos, these pieces are currently available on I'll update you on Kickstarter's decision to aid in the production of this collection!


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