Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Store Update - Weekend Progress

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. We had a teeny tiny fiasco with a plumbing leak and concrete and carpet and whatnot. All better now (minus the carpet). So I was pretty busy with the beads this weekend. I just popped in some movies (Adjustment Bureau and Red Riding Hood, good stuff) and worked from my couch each night. My back is killing me though! I think I need one of those tables that rolls over you lap on the couch...like this!

Table Mate $29.99

So here's some pieces that I photographed on my bed under my super duper bright lamp because there is just NO sunshine for the past 5 days. Sad. They will definitely need a real photoshoot before I list them. Let me know what you think :)

On a side note - I've been interested in finding some art/craft shows around my area (Central Florida). If you have any leads please let me know. I think it would fun (and stressful) to run a booth and I really need the challenge right now. I want this to feel more like a business more than hobby. The most frustrating thing is that jewelry is always a clsoed category because they are overflowing with booths of jewelry. Guess I need to book WAYYY in advance.

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