Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIY - Maxi Skirt Tutorial

Bonus - This skirt doubles as a sundress!

about 2 yards of knit fabric (sadface, this is my last bit of knit!)
2" wide elastic
ruler, chalk, scissors, thread, machine

First - Draw up your pattern piece. The front and back are the same so we only need to draft 1 piece. ***DON'T FORGET TO ADD 1/2" SEAM ALLOWANCE ALL AROUND***

1. Waist measurement - Wrap the measuring tape around you where you want your waistband to lay. Divide this by 4. This will be your top "waist" measurement.
2. Length - Measure from where your waistband will sit down to the floor. Do this under your bellybutton.
3. Sweep - This is how "flowy" the skirt will be at the hem. I did 20" for a great triangular effect that you can see better in the dress photo. I wouldn't go wider than 20" or you'll be dragging your side seams on the floor as you walk.
4. Elastic Waistband - Your waist measurement minus 8". This will ensure the elastic is stretching enough to hold up all this fabric. Test this before you sew by wrapping it around you. You don't want to cut off circulation to your legs! That would be really embarrassing.

Cut the 2 of these on fold so you have 2 perfectly symmetrical skirt halves.

Lay these halves right side together and pin the side seams together. Sew a straight seam down each side. Looks just like a skirt now!

Overlap and sew the ends of the elastic with a zigzag stitch.

Sew the elastic waistband to the waist of the skirt with a zigzag stitch. You can do this by sewing them right sides together then folding up the elastic, or you can just pin the fabric under the elastic right sides up. Stretch as you stitch.

All done! Unless you're not-lazy, in which case you would hem the skirt. I didn't find this necessary since the knit fabric doesn't fray.

I love this skirt/dress and will definitely make more once I replenish my stock of knit fabric. Let me know if you try it!


  1. thanks for yr tutorial.see like easy. i want to try it.

  2. this looks very easy! just one question...do i need to divide the bottom sweep by 4?