Monday, October 1, 2012

Stripes and Pearls

Bauble Earrings in Silver * Jessalynne *  Striped Sweaters * Bluelans

Anything with a dolman sleeve gets my vote, especially super comfy sweaters. The color grey is also something that has caught my eye in the past months. What was once thought of as a cheap, dreary color, now represents something more chic as well as confortable. I think I am relating the color to silver and in my head that makes it beautiful. Being decked out in grey, black and silver is my ultimate dream outfit. If I could wear it every day without looking like I have too many feelings, it would be a perfect world.  Of course not everyone is a big fan of subdued fashion, so there is a bright and bubbly alternative to my bauble earrings.
Are you most comfortable in deep, dark colors or bright and bubbly hues or (please say no) neons?

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