Friday, August 5, 2011

August DIY - Sailboat Necklace

I fell in love with this linen sailboat necklace probably a year ago. LONG before Pinterest. All I had was a picture of the instructions that I copied and saved to my work computer. I spent maybe 3 hours googling "folded sailboat necklace" and almost gave up before an image search landed me on this Spanish blog that featured the tutorial. There is no original link but the instructions are on here so you'll get it.

Here is the link to the tutorial and you can find my list of August DIY Pins here.

Here's my lazy version...

I did things a little differently. I wasn't in the mood for sewing, so I broke out the hot glue gun and no-fray and went to town.  In inches, the fabric measures 2.75" wide X 3.75" long.  To eliminate most raw edges, I doubled the fabric length (from 3.75" to 7.5") and folded the long edges to meet in the middle, then fold it in half as the original tutorial instructs. This also made the piece a lot thicker so steam ironing was necessary.

I folded the top corners in to make the sails and pressed. They wouldn't stay down, even for a second, so I used a dot of glue to hold the corners down. You can see the glue in the photo because I pressed again not thinking it would re-melt the hot glue. Good thinking Jessi :P

Then I folded the bottom up to make it look more like a paper hat than a boat. I glued this too.

For a more "sailboat" look I clipped the corners of the bottom in an outward direction. I doused these ends in no-fray immediately. Look how cute!!

I added some cute little buttons because I can. 

And here they are as necklaces!

LOVE! I need some anchor fabric ASAP!