Monday, August 29, 2011

Critique - McCall's Patterns Winter Collection

(Top M6435, Skirt M6439)

I feel like I just posted Vogue's Fall Pattern Collection, but I guess that was a whole month ago and therefore the seasons have already (skipped each other) changed. McCall's Winter Collection is OK. Nothing really popped out at me (except one page...guess which). Most of the patterns I liked I realized I would have to change the bodice or the skirt or something, which is fine because that's the point of patterns - creating exactly what you want - but a look book should wow me, don't you think?

This page was so boring to me. Maybe McCall's needs some new backdrops?
(Jacket M6441, Pants M6440)

I love the pleated skirt but the neckline really confuses me.

I'm a sucker for a double-skirt, what can I say?
(Top M6435, Skirt M6438)

Maybe it's the way she's posing, but the dress on the left doesn't seem to fit her right. I would have worn this print as a top, or atleast without the weird collar shirt underneath. Love the rugged pose on the right though...
(Tunic M6161, Cape M6447, Jacket M6444)

Which yoga pose is this? PS I want her boots.
(Jacket M6442, Leggings M6173)

I love the 2 hats on the top left, I might have to try my hand at millinery (these count).
(Hats and Gloves M62450)

Women and Children's Feet Warmers = DIY Uggs. Not sure how I feel about these yet but leaning towards NO.

I may or may not have squealed when I saw this. Wally is going to love his new jacket! (You can't stop me Matt!)
(Bed, Jacket/Harness and Leash M6455)

Lots of kids costumes and 1 adult costume shown (Ice Queen, great)
(M5731, M4887, M5494, M6420)

Ending strong with some quality Christmas decorations.
(Ornaments, Tree skirt, Wreath and Stockings M6453, M6454)

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