Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sharing - Krochet Kids International

My newest obsession, and it’s all Oxygen’s fault. While watching a marathon of Glee Project reruns, this commercial was on at every break and after 6 or 7 times I made the mental note to check out their website (after the marathon of course).  Krochet Kids teaches villages to crochet and sells their handmade headwear online, giving these families a fare wage, an independence from the charities they have come to rely on, and pride in providing for themselves.
The Story...

This ever-growing company was created by 3 high school friends who were lucky enough to be able travel the world and learn about the people they are now helping. Their story is posted on their website but here are the highlights: Kohl, Travis and Stewart learned to crochet in high school and began creating custom ski headwear, thus gaining the name “Krochet Kids.”  Separated during their college years, they were able to volunteer in various developing nations during summer breaks and their desire to help others turned into a passion.  The met people who relied solely on government and aid organizations for their every need and who were sick and tired of being dependent.  The Kids taught the women of this Northern Ugandan community to crochet. “Being paid a fair wage to do so would allow for them, for the first time, to provide for their families and begin planning for the future.”  In 2007 they applied to be a non-profit group and today over 100 people go to the compound in Northern Uganda to work with the community. They have “created a sustainable cycle of employment and empowerment.”

You can purchase the handmade headwear and supporting clothing and accessories on their online store.  Hats range from $21.95 to $33.95 and shirts are $22.95.  Each hat is hand signed by the woman who made it and you can enter the name into a search field on their website to read her story.  I think this is what really caught my attention and want their products.  I’m ridiculously curious (read: nosey) and want to learn about the women and their families and what else I can do to help (while wearing an adorable cap). 

Right now, Krochet Kids has joined forces with Volcom, offering a limited line of hats and T-shirts. You can check out the items here.  News posts and events are updated on their front page daily and all the info on their site is definitely worth checking out.  They have an upcoming project (and new product) involving Lima, Peru. A full update will be posted on August 18th.  This is an organization that is all heart and I will be purchasing a beanie ASAP to show my support. 
Krochet Kids is completely non-profit and if hats aren't your thing you can make a direct donation here. More info can be found on their FAQ page.

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