Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fashion -'s Fall 2011 Trend Report

There is only 1 month left to start stocking up on your new Fall wardrobe. It officially kicks off on Friday, September 23rd, and you better be ready!

Disclaimer: I don't want the few pictures I've chosen to scare you away from these trends. These are the super crazy interpretations that the big-wigs crafted up and some may have crashed and burned, while others are actually very interesting and beautiful. I've even added a real-life way to wear each of these trends to get you started.  Definitely check out's slideshow for more inspiration.

I'm not a fan of the "floppy jellyfish boobs" look.

 Someone went a little nuts with a glue gun.
It was really difficult for me to find a look in this slideshow that I liked. I'm still not sold on this one either but it was the most normal I could find.

A guide to mixing prints (and some far better examples) can be found here.

 This clearly doesn't fit her. I know it's color blocking but she doesn't need to look like a cube!
 I actually really like this sweater, minus the baby blue turtleneck part.
A little overboard. Is the belt part of the print? Oh sweet jesus.

A way to color block without offending other's eyeballs by Alice + Olivia


 Why would I need those pockets?
 Maybe it's because I live in Florida and don't appreciate a good coat but this is ridiculous.
Her fur hands freak me out.

A puffy parka by Burberry. Finally a coat that doesn't made me sad!

 I thought this was really pretty but then I thought about bunnies and got sad.
 Looks like my bath mat. Same color too.
They're kidding right?

A friendlier way to wear fur - FAUX - Burning Torch Isle of Sky Faux Fur Vest. Love the print of the sweater underneath too!

 LOVE this dress, LOVE this belt. I need somewhere to wear this right away.
 Oh good, another bath mat.
I thought this coat was more interesting than all those weid parkas.

Love Karen Millen's 60's Inspired Dress


 Not a good start...
Not bad, maybe lose the sleeves and turtleneck and I can live with it.

Also check out this not-as-annoyingly polka dotted tulip skirt by Silence + Noise

 Tuxes are usually boring but this one is just plain scary.
 I was literally yawning from flipping through so many black tuxes when this one popped up! Love those fabrics and tones. Wouldn't recommend wearing on a windy day though...or any day really.
I'm a sucker for a white suit, my secret's out. Also I'm going to need to find those boots ASAP.

I'm sold on these Velvet Tux Pants by Decades Denim

You don't need to copy these trends or examples exactly to get the most out of your Fall wardrobe. Always keep in mind your own personal style and don't lose it just for the quick thrill of a trend.  For example, I love flowy tops and tight pants (hence my tux pant example) so I adapt the prints, colors and sometimes silhouettes into something that I know is flattering on me and comfortable.  That brings up another good point, sometimes a trend is just not flattering on your, or anybody for that matter (can you say bubble skirt!). I probably won't be wearing any polka dots this season because I tend to either look very round or very, very young but there are so many other trends to chose from, who cares?!

I'm pretty excited for Fall, it's always my favorite season. I love the light jackets and vests and skirts with and without leggings and the fact that I can still wear tank tops and sandals through most of it in Florida. I also get to unpack all my scarves and hats! Yey Fall! The countdown till September 23rd begins....

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