Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY - Rustic Spoon Pendant

Finally, the last of the July Pinterest DIY's (you didn't get to see my messed up maxi's already been recycled into another project don't worry).  And now I can finally focus on the August projects!

I loved the look Dorian from Busily Spinning Momma created with her Rustic Spoon Pendant Necklace but I wanted to do something other than another jewelry DIY. I decided to merge this tutorial with another...This is Creatively Christy's Colored Spoons Tutorial. I love how the curves and designs are still visible through the paint. I decided to paint mine blue for my kitchen. Not because we have any blue decorations or towels - I actually have no decor in there - but because mine and Matt's aprons are dark blue and the spoons would be near them. I used the spray paint that I bought last year for my picture frame project...which I'm not sure I ever shared on here, so that might be a good post for later.

Step one - Start hammering the hell out of some spoons.  I got 2 pairs of spoons, large and small, from the dollar tree. It was actually really difficult to get the spoons to flatten so they're definitely not perfect.The edges are also pretty rough but I figured the paint would cover that up.

PS this did a number on our back patio...Don't look Matt. 

Step two - I quickly washed and dried the spoons to remove any dust (concrete) and laid them out on cardboard to paint. I did two light coats of the blue, letting the spoons dry for a few minutes in between and 15 minutes after. I love the color!!

 Step three - I used 3M sticky squares to adhere the spoons to the wall. I measured the middle of this slice of wall but didn't really measure between the spoons. I didn't mind if they were a little random and luckily they came out spaced pretty nicely. If they start to bother me or the boyfriend, the stickies are easy to pull off and replace.

These are great tutorials and made for a fun jumping off point for my new home decor project. If you have some frustrations you need to get out I definitely recommend hammering out some spoons to stick around your kitchen. I wonder if forks  would look as nice....maybe a knife (the flattening's done for you!)...


  1. those look great on the wall :)

  2. Jessi! Oh my goodness....these are awesome! Thank you for linking back, that is so kind of you :) this gave me an idea for somehting for my kitchen! Love, love love!!